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Delaware Coat of Arms

Broadband Working Group


The Delaware broadband working group was formulated to plan and implement the NPSBN in Delaware. The work group will monitor and assess technical and policy issues associated with the planning and implementation of this new network. The working group, in conjunction with NTIA and FIRSTNET will work to coordinate statewide planning and implementation efforts. The goal of this group is to thoroughly research and develop an implementation plan that will solidify Delaware's most advantageous position regarding the strategic implementation and use of this new network. The outcome of this research will be conveyed to the Governor for his consideration when making a final decision regarding the option process as described in the middle class tax relief and job creation act of 2012.

Delaware Broadband Working Group Members

  • Director, Division of Communications: (SWIC, SPOC): Chair-Mark Grubb
  • Deputy Director, Division of Communications: William Carrow
  • Operations Manager, Division of Communications: Tom Kadunce
  • City of Wilmington: Denita Thomas
  • Delaware Department of Public Health: Andy Fulton
  • Delaware State Police: Joseph Mulford
  • Delaware Volunteer Firefighters Association: Dave Roberts
  • DEMA: Jennifer Dittman, Arnold Maas
  • Department of Technology and Information: Mark Cabry
  • Department of Transportation State of Delaware: Gene Donaldson
  • Division of Communications: Tim Dobrowolski
  • e911: Eric Wagner
  • Kent County: Kevin Sipple
  • New Castle County: Jeff Miller
  • RCC Consultants: Tim Dobrowolski
  • Sussex County: Joseph Thomas
  • US Army, Delaware National Guard: Col. Wiley Blevins
Delaware Division of Communications