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Delaware Coat of Arms

Statewide Interoperability Executive Council (SIEC)


The Delaware Statewide Interoperability Executive Council (SIEC) created by Governor's Executive Order number 39, is charged with providing policy-level direction and promote efficient and effective use of resources for matters related to public safety communications interoperability. The Executive Council's recommendations will form public safety communication policy in Delaware.

The 15 voting members of the SIEC represent a partnership of State and local public safety agencies as well as the Department of Transportation, Public Health, Department of Corrections, City of Wilmington and Delaware National Guard. The common goal of this group is to create an understanding of communications interoperability throughout Delaware and to integrate existing and future interoperability communication systems.

SIEC Members

Chair: James N. Mosley DSHS Cabinet Secretary
Governors Office: Drewry Fennell
City Of Wilmington: Denita Thomas
Department of Correction: Dave Hall
Department of Technology and Information: Mark Cabry
Department of Transportation: Gene Donaldson (Chair SIEC Operations Sub-Committee)
Health and Social Services: Andrew Fulton
Kent County: Colin Faulkner
League of Local Governments: Mayor Donald F. Tinari
National Guard: LTC Wiley Blevins
New Castle County: Jeffery Miller
Police Chiefs Council: William Carrow (Chair Training)
Public Service Commission: Heather Contant
Sussex County: Joe Thomas
Volunteer Firefighters Association: Warren Jones


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